Workshops during the corona crisis (Covid-19)

Gaimersheim – Special times call for special measures. Now that the vast majority of the ASTech employees have been working from home for several weeks, the management team conducted an entire workshop as a WebEX conference. The agenda of the two-day seminar, which was moderated by two external trainers, was the topic of “internal attitude”. This issue was intensely discussed and debated. The results will now be discussed via one-on-one sessions between the trainers and each of the individual participants

In response to the question as to why such a workshop should be held now, managing director Claus had a prompt answer: why not? Technically speaking, this type of WebEX conference is easy to carry out. And from a content standpoint, given the current situation, it’s more important than ever to bring the management team together to hold close and intense discussions on important topics that impact ASTech in the future.

With that said, turn the webcam on and look friendly!

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Turn the webcam on and look friendly: In times like these also management workshops at ASTech are hold via web conference system.