Successful conclusion to the 2019 ASTech Student Tournament

Gaimersheim/Iasi – In March, we wrote about the ASTech Student Tournament organized in conjunction with the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering at Gheorghe Asachi Technical University in Iasi, Rumania. The final round of the tournament took place on July 3 and 4 as the teams presented their results, which were then evaluated by our ASTech coworkers Alexandru, Victor and Walter.

The students were tasked with developing three scenarios with their model vehicles. They faced the difficult challenge of navigating a specified line with their vehicle, circumventing or braking in front of an obstacle and maintaining proper distance to the preceding vehicle. On day 1 of the final, each team presented their self-developed and self-programmed vehicle to the jury during two rounds for each scenario. After one last opportunity to fine tune the hardware and software, the teams navigated the course one last time on the second day of the event. During this free-style round, the jury wanted to see if the teams had considered and implemented other scenarios that were not predefined.

The teams had the opportunity to score points based on three milestones: specification, implementation and testing, final round. Two of the teams, Wild Hunt and Car Trek, had a neck-and-neck race, with Wild Hunt finally coming out on top. Not Fast, But Furious trailed somewhat behind to take third place. The winning team can prepare to pack its bags and travel to Gaimersheim at the invitation of ASTech and participate in a tour of the Audi factory. Our colleagues had a surprise prepared for the second- and third-place winners with an invitation to join their fellow students on the trip to ASTech.

Overall, the three teams did an outstanding job of meeting the challenge. They can certainly be proud of their achievements.

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