Successful conclusion of the ASTech/THI joint university marketing project

Gaimersheim/Ingolstadt – On Tuesday afternoon, June 19, 2018, the joint university marketing project between ASTech and the Technical University Ingolstadt (THI) concluded with the final presentation. The 10 participating students had time during the summer semester to familiarize themselves with the topics of one-track models and vehicle controls, independently plan the execution of the project and develop the corresponding software. They were then tasked with writing and implementing an algorithm in the MATLAB software language, optimizing it further and then validating the functionality in accordance with ISO 26262.

After roughly two months, the students were required to appear before a panel of experts from ASTech to present their results and answer questions – which they did with flying colors.  As a result, the ASTech project supervisor (Timo) was very satisfied with the results and the performance of the team. The participating students and those involved from ASTech were then rewarded with a large portion of ice cream in the warm temperatures.

During the next several days the students will receive final feedback from ASTech, the requirements specification and date which it has to be documented and submitted, plus the final grade. This will then conclude the 6th annual joint university marketing project between ASTech and THI.

We hope the talented students had just as much fun as our colleagues from ASTech did in overseeing the project and hope that one or more of them will consider a career at ASTech.

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Students during the final presentation of their work, which took place in the context of the development project of ASTech with THI.