Participants conclude yoga course with outdoor session

Gaimersheim – On June 18, 2019, the ASTech yoga students got together for the next to the last time, with eight participants celebrating the end of the course with a special outdoor session in a warm summer wind.

There was visible progress over the 10-week business yoga course as the asanas (the yoga exercises) flowed much smoother and the students maintained their balance much easier. Last but not least, they enjoyed the benefits of less tension. After the physical exertion, there was still time for pleasure activities. They had no sooner fired up the barbeque grill when the beer garden tables and benches were set up.

The students then wrapped up the day with a cool beverage and a plate of barbeque. And there was one more thing they all agreed on: when the courses continue in the fall, they will be participating again. Perhaps one of the other of our employees will feel like joining?

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