Joint university marketing project between ASTech and THI in the area of functional validation

Gaimersheim/Ingolstadt – For the sixth time, ASTech is organizing a joint marketing project with the Technical University Ingolstadt (THI) during the summer semester. The project, which kicked-off in conjunction with the new semester, is focused on the functional validation of algorithms used in the HySLEUS project in line with ISO26262:2011. The ten students who registered to participate now have until the end of June to implement a solution, which is divided into three phases.

In phase 1 the students will familiarize themselves with the topic, independently create a project plan and develop the corresponding software, the latter which involves writing an algorithm parallel to the HySLEUS algorithm to serve as a reference algorithm. Phase 2 involves implementation of the algorithm using MATLAB. In the third and last phase of the project, and providing enough time remains, the ten students must then optimize and validate the functionality of the algorithm. Apart from the documenting each of the steps, the students must plan an interim and final presentation outlining the results.

Over the course of the entire project, the student team will be supervised by an ASTech employee, who will be on-site at the university at least once a week to discuss the status of the project with the students and be available for advice and assistance. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Botsch, deputy scientific director of the CARISSMA institute, and his research associate Amit Chaulwar, will be involved in the project from the university’s side.

This project is one of various ASTech activities aimed at attracting and promoting talented students. As a company we feel it’s important to support talented, motivated students at an early stage while maintaining a presence at THI.

With this joint project our goal is to get to know these students, familiarize them with our company and perhaps bring one or the other onboard as ASTech employees.

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ASTech has started a joint marketing project in cooperation with the THI focusing on the functional validation of algorithms used in the HySLEUS.