Healthy snacking for a good cause in Africa

Gaimersheim/Wolfsburg – Social responsibility is also on the agenda in Wolfsburg where our colleagues are eating fresh fruit for a good cause. After a self-initiated test phase, employees in Wolfsburg receive a colorful fruit basket from the FRUITFUL OFFICE initiative, which in turn supports PLANTING FRUIT TREES IN AFRICA, a  project that plants a tree in Malawi for each basket of fruit ordered.

How it works
Employees pay a specific sum into the fruit kitty for each piece of fruit. ASTech then makes a small corresponding contribution in support of the socio-ecological project in Africa – a great idea that provides both employees and the company an opportunity to put our CSR mindset into practice.
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Malawi is a landlocked country in southeast Africa that declared its independence from Great Britain on July 6, 1964. The country has a population of around 19 million. The capital is Lilongwe.

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For the hungry ones there is always a fruit basket in Wolfsburg available. Proceeds from the sale are contributed to a social project in Malawi/Africa.