Four ASTech employees lecture at the University of Coburg

Gaimersheim/Coburg – As part of our efforts to promote young students, four ASTech employees held a hands-on lecture at the University of Coburg on Monday, March 9. Around 30 fifth-semester computer science students accepted the invitation to attend the lecture as part of their internship semester.

The lecture focused on the topic of software development and testing. To keep the lecture from being too theoretical, our coworkers Stefanie and Birgit organized several hands-on exercises for the students to solve. A second range of topics followed the lunch break, with David lecturing on the overall subject of machine learning and how this technology is specifically applied at ASTech.

Although the students were somewhat reserved during the lectures, they really blossomed during the hands-on exercises, working very hard to find the solutions. The topic of machine learning showed just how new this was for the students and also revealed how little exposure they had to the topic so far. The supervising professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science was thus even more excited that ASTech addressed such an important topic while trying to explain it in as practical a manner as possible to the students.

This was the third ASTech lecture held at the University of Coburg, beginning with a successful kick-off lecture in the spring of last year, followed by a second lecture in the fall. In light of the positive feedback from the students and the professor, plans are in place to continue the cooperation, which offers many advantages for both parties. While the students had the opportunity to learn the difference between academic theory and practice and enjoy insights into the challenges of series development in the automotive industry, our colleagues had the chance to tout ASTech and its numerous, exciting projects in the area of series and software development and machine learning – a win-win situation!

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For the third time ASTech employees held a hands-on lecture at the University of Coburg.