Carolo Cup 2020: ASTech serves as sponsor and juror

Gaimersheim/Braunschweig – ASTech once again participated in the Carolo Cup, this year as sponsor and juror. During the competition, organized by Technical University Braunschweig and held at the Braunschweig event hall on February 10 and 11, 19 teams of students were required to develop and navigate a 1:10-scale automated vehicle in accordance with a defined driving task, as fast as possible and with as few mistakes as possible. The teams were also tasked with creating a conclusive and eloquent vehicle concept and presenting it to a jury of experts from industry and science, which also included our own team manager Stefan. Together with the other judges, Stefan had to review, assess and rate the presentation of the concept and the engineering approach in various disciplines.

Upon conclusion of this static part of the competition, which ran from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, came the dynamic segment, which was scored by official referees. This segment was divided into two leagues: Carolo Basic Cup and Carolo Master Cup, the latter which involved competition among experienced teams.
Although both leagues were required to navigate two laps of a defined course, using the second lap to perform special challenges such as parking, avoiding obstacles and passing, the Carolo Master Cup offered even more difficult driving tasks. This included navigating a longer course, in addition to observing speed limits, recognizing road signs and taking into account moving obstacles such as pedestrians traversing a crosswalk.

As in past years, all of the teams were highly ambitious. At the end of the day, the Worst Case team from Hamburg had little difficulty topping its competitors to win the Carolo Basic Cup league. In the Carolo Master Cup however, the two finalists delivered an exciting, but tough neck-and-neck race, with KITCar (Karlsruhe) edging out CDLC (Braunschweig) in the final minute.

When we asked our team manager and judge Stefan what he thought about the 13th annual Carolo Cup upon conclusion of the award ceremonies, he was full of praise for the organizers who put together a terrific event, as well as the student teams, many of who were highly professional, well organized, passionate and with well thought out concepts and in the end delivered high-quality performances. Stefan was excited with the quality of the teams, particularly since they provide a good impression of the next generation of engineers who will hopefully be looking for jobs in the very near future.

The Carolo Cup is one of the various projects that ASTech is engaged in with the goal of promoting young talent in the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). As a mid-sized company, we believe one of our responsibilities is to begin today to develop the skilled professionals of tomorrow.

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ASTech once again participated in the Carolo Cup, this year as sponsor and juror.