Car2X project introduced in Austria

On April 24, ASTech had the opportunity to present the current status of developments in the field of Car2X together with Volkswagen, ANDATA, ASFINAG and Swarco Futurit during an event in Austria. In addition to the ASTech team from Wolfsburg and project manager Bernhard, other colleagues from Volkswagen and ANDATA were also present. Among the invited guests were experts and decision makers from the Austrian infrastructure and C-ITS scene. Using selected application scenarios, the participants were introduced to the Volkswagen hardware that will shortly go into series production. The scenarios included mobile construction trailer warnings, stranded vehicles and approaching emergency services vehicles.

Demo preparation

The demonstration was held on April 24 as part of an exclusive information event organized by the Austrian Traffic Telematics Cluster and ASTech’s parent company ANDATA. Technical coordination of the demonstration at the ÖAMTC Vehicle Technology Center in Teesdorf was carried out by ASTech, in concert with various partners. Thanks to great attention to detail during preparations, the demonstration ran without a hitch, much to the enjoyment of the numerous visitors.

The application scenarios

Volkswagen, ANDATA, ASFINAG, Swarco Futurit and ASTech then introduced the first near-series implementation of the Car2X software using three application scenarios. This provided the guests an opportunity to experience the functions up close and personal. The communications possibilities of the functions range from the appearance of a hazard warning in the vehicle, to the sound of a warning signal, in cases where the driver does not react.

Another special experience was in store for those who had to wait in line for the demonstrator. The vehicles participating in the demonstration were modeled on a 3D image using a Car2X visualization based on augmented reality. As they waited, the guests were able to use a tablet to review the previous test drives carried out by the other participants before experiencing the drive on their own in the vehicle. The highly-interested industry participants were also shown another test vehicle from ANDATA that is being used by the Connecting Austria project, plus a sensor demonstrator from ASTech.

Overall, the demo appeared to leave a positive impression on the guests. In the relaxed atmosphere, the Car2X software proved to be a convincing development that is ready to be introduced to the market in series vehicles. This collaborative demonstration illustrates that all traffic participants can communicate with one another via Car2X, thus making the streets safer.

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Car2X project introduced in Austria