#ASTechradelt – unprecedented performance

Gaimersheim/Wolfsburg – After three weeks of participation in the Ingolstadt City Ride, it’s time to take stock of how did. And what a result! At the end of June, our cycling sponsor Vivian encouraged everyone at ASTech to hop on their bikes and generate kilometers for the company again as part of the Ingolstadt Corporate City Ride. His stated goal:

  • More than 42 active cyclists!
  • More than 6,428 kilometers!

At the conclusion of the campaign and the official recording period, we can clearly say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED – with an A+! Here’s how the performance breaks down in numbers:

  • 60 active cyclists, instead of the target of 50 – that’s 18 more than last year, a 43 percent increase
  • 10,871 km, instead of the target of 10,000 km – that’s 4,443 km more than last year, a 69 percent increase
  • 5th place in the team competition – here we improved 7 spots from the previous year
  • 8th place in number of kilometers – here we even improved 15 spots
  • On average, each ASTech cyclist rode 18 percent more kilometers than last year!

10,871 kilometers of cycling fun led to a reduction of 1,543.5 kg CO² – a phenomenal result that was only possible thanks to 60 pairs of pedaling legs! Way to go ASTech!

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Insgesamt 10.871 km haben unsere ASTech’ler beim Stadtradeln 2018 zurückgelegt und damit Platz 5 erreicht.