#ASTechradelt – A look back at the 2019 City Ride

Gaimersheim – This year ASTech once again put together a team to participate in the Ingolstadt City Ride. As in years past, “team father” Vivian was able to motivate a lot of our employees to join and pedal hard on behalf of ASTech.

With the conclusion of the three-week ride, it’s now time to take stock of the team’s performance. And it’s certainly worth taking a look at. The team once again demonstrated just how active and sports-minded the company is. Below is a summary of the ASTech team’s performance:

  • 53 active riders and thus 7th place in the overall team size rankings
  • 8,802 kilometers and thus 9th place in the overall rankings based on distance
  • 1,250kg in CO² reductions
  • 30,785km = total distance ridden by ASTech after five years of participation

What a great result! On behalf of Vivian and the company, our heartfelt thanks to the team! We look forward to your participation again in 2020! #WirSindASTech

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Of course the ASTech took part at the Ingolstadt City Ride 2019.