ASTech vs. CORONA: We’re pitching in!

Gaimersheim/Wolfsburg – Over the past several weeks, ASTech made a small contribution in the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) and is still active with two concrete programs. For one, our colleagues in Wolfsburg promptly hijacked our 3D printer during calendar week 14 for the purpose of printing components for the protective masks that are needed so desperately these days. These parts were then shipped to the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Braunschweig where the masks were then assembled and given to the Wolfsburg Clinic. Within a short period of time, ASTech put together around 15 mask parts, with another 30 ready to be shipped. Discussions are currently underway to determine where to ship them. And the printer is still in operation. ASTech recently ordered new materials so that the printer can run day and night. True to our motto “ASTech saves lives”, this time it’s not in the automobile, rather in the daily activities of the hospital.

At the same time, team manager Frank made an appeal to participate in the Folding@home campaign. Initiated by Stanford University in the US, the goal of this program is to ensure that research institutes have sufficient computing resources for their important activities. To date this approach has been used primarily for research into cancer and Parkinson’s. Now the primary goal is to develop a remedy for the coronavirus.

How does it work exactly?
Those who wish to become involved can install a small program on their private PC. This program recognizes when the computer is idle and frees up the unused processing capacity for research via the Internet. The performance of the PC is not impacted. Go to for more information.

We’re pitching in!
Several colleagues have meanwhile registered for the team and donated a total of 429 so-called work units. Based on our relatively small number of participants, we have nonetheless achieved a very respectable result. Out of a total of 252,447 teams, we are currently ranked number 6,910. We’re of course hoping that even more ASTech employees will join the campaign and donate part of their computing resources. After all, every single bit counts.

So let’s get started – true to the motto #ASTechvsCorona!

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Protective masks from the 3D printer and Folding@Home: The ASTech is making her small contribution fighting against the coronavirus (Covid-19).