ASTech supports the „Bündnis für Familie“

Gaimersheim/Ingolstadt – Balancing a career and family is not always simple. Alone the number of school holidays versus the available vacation days is a challenge for many parents. To help improve this situation, ASTech is supporting the Ingolstadt „Bündnis für Familie“ (Family Alliance) as part of the company’s CSR activities this year. This alliance organizes a wide variety of interesting and dependable activities for young people between 3 and 18 years of age during the Bavarian school holidays. Our aim here is to relieve parents who work at ASTech, plus other parents in the region, of some of the stress and burdens associated with this issue, while providing a more family-friendly environment. We view these efforts as part of our social responsibilities, which we gladly assume.

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By supporting the "Bündnis für Familie" we aim to help to improve balancing a career and family.