ASTech Student Tournament heads into the second round

Gaimersheim/Iasi – As part of its efforts to promote young talent, ASTech initiated a university marketing project in concert with the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering at Gheorghe Asachi Technical University in Romania. The project, which was initiated by team manager Alexandru, is now heading into the second phase. Teams can register until November 15, after which they will finally have the opportunity to demonstrate their development expertise during the ASTech Student Tournament.

Each of the three-person teams has six months to implement one of the required scenarios and must reach various milestones over the course of the competition. After all, only the best teams will have the chance to compete in the final in May 2020. The goal of this year’s tournament is to develop a model vehicle capable of detecting and navigating a predefined lane. The vehicles must also be able to receive and implement Car2X information, for which the vehicles are now additionally equipped with two sensors: a camera and a communications module.

Best of luck to all of the participants! We’re looking forward to the results.

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