ASTech steps on the gas during the 2019 anniversary and summer festival

Gaimersheim – On Friday, June 28, ASTech celebrated its annual summer festival. This year the motto was the ASTech’s 10 year anniversary, which of course demands a proper celebration. Nearly 160 employees from Gaimersheim, Wolfsburg and Weissach did not pass up this opportunity and celebrated through the night.

This year creativity was in demand as 10 teams took on the challenge of building the safest, fastest and most colorful soap box car. The teams worked under pressure, assembling the kit and painting their car until they had a drivable vehicle. After fine-tuning the safety features down to the last minute, they headed to the start/finish line, first gaining speed over the straight section of the track, then past the BBQ grill and through the hairpin turn shortly before the ramp, after which they entered the chicane that included a wood obstacle, and then sped through the chair tunnel and the barrier tape. Now it was time for a pit stop to change drivers and head back out on the track and through the last curve before the start/finish line. After two laps, the much sought-after checkered flag was waved at the finish line.

Three teams qualified for the final. The winner’s ceremony for the highly-deserving top three finishers kicked-off the relaxing part of the celebration. The party-goers had the opportunity to relax in a deck chair, play around in the photo booth with co-workers or simply enjoy the evening and the delicious catering service. A great time was had by all, which is pretty obvious from the happy faces you see in our video. We’re already looking forward with anticipation to the next summer festival.

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