ASTech serves as sponsor and judge at the 2019 Carolo Cup

Gaimersheim/Braunschweig – The 12th annual Carolo Cup organized by Technical University Braunschweig was held on February 4 and 5 at the Braunschweig city auditorium. The Carolo Cup pits teams of students of against one another who were tasked with developing their own automated vehicles in 1:10 scale. With ASTech participating for the first time as a sponsor and judge, team manager Frank sat on the jury to observe and evaluate the 17 teams from Germany, Switzerland, Poland and China. The teams were required to complete several different disciplines.
After introducing themselves and presenting their work as part of the theoretical segment, the teams then shifted to the dynamic portion of the competition. This included completing a driving circuit as quickly and accurately as possible, and locating and pulling into parking spots while observing the speed limits, allowing pedestrians to traverse the crosswalks, observing the right-of-way and passing other vehicles, just like in real traffic environments.

The annual competition was organized into two leagues: the Carolo Cup and the Basic Cup. In the Carolo Cup, seven experienced teams were challenged with two complex traffic situations. In one of the situations, the self-driving electric vehicles had to navigate a demanding obstacle course as quickly and precisely as possible and deftly pull into a parking spot. The second challenge involved navigating a suburban traffic situation while overcoming various obstacles and pedestrians, some of which moved, and while adhering to the traffic rules and signs.
During the Basic Cup, 10 teams faced two separate challenges, the first of which required fast and precise parking, while the second involved averting and driving around various obstacles. The Basic Cup challenge was carried out with two identical small circuits that were used in parallel. For the Carolo Cup, both circuits were merged into one large, more demanding circuit.

At the conclusion of two intense and exciting days of competition, the Spatzenhirn team from Ulm University captured the Master Cup, and the OSCAR team from Osnabruck University brought home the Basic Cup. Although exhausted, the teams enjoyed their well-earned victories. Our team manager and judge Frank was also enthused by the creativity and passion demonstrated by the teams during the competition. When asked for his opinion, he summarized by saying that had the chance to get to know and talk with many young, talented and dedicated students, not to mention that he seized the opportunity to also network with members of the jury who came from other companies.

The Carolo Cup is one of several different projects that ASTech relies on to support young talent in the MINT disciplines (math, informatics, natural sciences, and technology). As a medium-sized enterprise, we believe it’s our responsibility to take early steps to foster the development of tomorrow’s skilled workforce.

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The ASTech participated at the Carolo Cup as sponsor and judge.