ASTech receives external audit recertification

Gaimersheim – Two weeks ago, (June 25-28) from Tuesday through Friday, the ISO9001:2015 recertification audit was carried out at ASTech. The audit, conducted by an external auditor from TÜV Süd, involves an evaluation of the ASTech quality management system and the associated processes. Ulrike carried out the preparations for the audit and accompanied the auditor. The audit focused on determining whether the company is meeting the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 norm and whether the corresponding processes are being adhered to and are effective. Potential areas for improvement were also examined.

The ISO9001:2015 certification is valid for three years and must be confirmed on an annual basis through a monitoring audit and then renewed as part of a recertification audit before the end of the three years. The recertification was due this year, which led to a considerably more extensive and comprehensive evaluation. The audit looked at a wide range of processes in areas such as personnel management, training management, leadership, quality management, risk management, controlling, administration, data security/protection and IT, in addition to two projects: Airbag E3 (AST-E2) and Crash Sensor Virtual Design (AST-E3).

The Wolfsburg location was included in the audit for the first time, since each location has to be evaluated and certified on its own merits. Since the same processes were incorporated in Wolfsburg, the audit focused on two other projects from AST-E5: Sensor Environment Upload and Virtual Environment.

Generally speaking, ASTech did extremely well, except for one minor nonconformity. The auditor praised ASTech’s customer-orientation, both externally and internally. The audit also noted ASTech’s extensive industry expertise and methods, which ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction. The auditor was also impressed by the comprehensive ASTech training catalog, as well as the administration department’s internal service orientation with respect to management of the training program and the vehicle fleet. Recommendations for improvement were submitted in writing.

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