ASTech places second in the Gaimersheimer Corporate Cup

Gaimersheim – On Saturday, June 16, Gaimersheim held its annual Corporate Cup soccer tournament for the fourth year running. Among the eight entrants was the team from ASTech (ASTech kickt). Organized by our coworker Thomas, the eight members of the ASTech kickt team battled the other seven corporate teams on a warm, 26-degree summer day.

The entrants were divided into two groups for the preliminary round, which kicked off at 10:00 am at the Kraiberg athletics field in Gaimersheim. The teams played three matches in the preliminary round, each 12 minutes long. Within Group 1, ASTech kickt faced teams from Bertrandt, Pflegedienst Ponzer and Bauabdichtung Gaimersheim.

In the intense, but relatively goalless preliminary round, which ended in a 0:0 tie against Bertrandt, a 1:0 victory over Ponzer, plus another 0:0 tie against Bauabdichtung Gaimersheim, we nevertheless managed to qualify for the semi-final after placing 2nd in the Group. In the semi-final we faced our sister company EFS.

After 12 minutes of forward pressure and a successful penalty shot by our team captain Thomas that secured a 1:0 victory, we headed to the final.

Determined to successfully defend last year’s title, ASTech kickt gave everything it had in the final against PSW, although things didn’t initially go well as we fell behind 1:0. After an equalizer by ASTech kickt that evened the score at 1:1, PSW responded with a second goal to take the lead at 2:1. Despite playing their hearts out, our kickers unfortunately failed to equalize again, thus handing the trophy to our colleagues at PSW, at least for one year.

Despite losing in the final, we’re nevertheless pleased with our hard-fought 2nd place. Congratulations to ASTech kickt for an outstanding performance!

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Under the motto "ASTech kicks" some of our employees participated in the Gaimersheim Company Cup and took second place.