ASTech participates in the Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg Corporate Runs

Gaimersheim/Wolfsburg – On June 6, 2019, ASTech turned its attention to sports as both Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg held their Corporate Runs on the same day. As a title sponsor in Ingolstadt, ASTech was present with numerous beach flags, bands, a large finish line arch and the meanwhile unforgettable kilometer signs. ASTech also served as a sponsor in Wolfsburg. Despite great events, we were once again denied nice sunny weather, with everyone fighting heavy winds and cool temperatures. Our runners nevertheless had the motivation and spirit to negotiate the course.

In Ingolstadt, 4,802 runners participated in the 3rd annual Corporate Run, including 50 from ASTech who were divided into 14 teams of 3 runners, plus eight individual starters. This year’s event had sprint teams for the first time, which were assigned the best starting position as top performers. ASTech entered three sprint teams, including two men’s team and one mixed team. Like last year, our women’s team participated as well.

Cheered on by numerous ASTech colleagues on the side of the 5.5-kilometer course, every ASTech entrant reached the finish line, visibly proud of their achievement. After analyzing the times, the race officials declared that one of the ASTech men’s sprint teams came in fifth place, a sensational result. To top it off, ASTech rang up a second top-ten result with the mixed sprint team placing a fantastic eighth!


Wolfsburg – The spirited atmosphere leading up to the 6th annual Wolfsburg Corporate Run also motivated numerous ASTech colleagues to enter this year’s 5-kilometer race. Of the 900 runners, 15 were from ASTech, including one who had actually just showed up to cheer on his coworkers, but then at the last minute found himself spontaneously in the role of runner as a replacement for an injured coworker. Without the perfect running outfit of course, but in jeans and the new ASTech running shirt, he even managed to be one of the first ASTech participants to cross the finish line. Like last year, the race was not timed. Instead, the emphasis was on having fun and sports together with colleagues, which our fellow ASTech Wolfsburg coworkers certainly had as all 15 starters completed the course.

And those who can’t wait to see the runners in action can view the video from the Ingolstadt race.

In conclusion, the only thing left to say is: many thanks to all of the runners, fans and helpers who made the Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg Corporate Runs such a success. Fun was had by all, both on and off the course. We’re already looking forward to next year!

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