ASTech launches university marketing project at the Technical University of lasi in Romania

Gaimersheim/Iasi – As part of its young talent program, ASTech has launched a joint university marketing project with the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering at the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi (Romania), prompting team manager Alexandru Manolica and two colleagues to travel to lasi in calendar week 9. The team introduced ASTech, as well as the planned ASTech Student Tournament, a university student competition.

After an intense round of interviews involving 12 teams, five teams qualified for the competition, after which each received a model vehicle kit that they will use as the basis to build a vehicle and load with algorithms that the students develop on their own and run under three scenarios:
– Following a predefined line
– Circumventing or braking in front of an obstacle
– Maintaining a distance to a vehicle in front

Supervised by two professors, the 15 participants now have one semester to implement the required driving scenarios. In calendar week 27, the teams will then present their results to a jury that includes representatives from ASTech. The winners will have the opportunity to travel to Gaimersheim/Ingolstadt to become more familiar with ASTech.

Here’s wishing all of the participants the best of luck with their solutions. We’re looking forward to the results!

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Our ASTech colleagues visiting some students of the Technical University of Iasi/Romania.