ASTech launches blood typing campaign and hands over check to the Bavarian Bone Marrow Donation Foundation (AKB)

Gaimersheim/Wolfsburg – In the presence of the entire staff, yesterday ASTech handed over a €10,000 donation, initiated by both the employees and the company, to the Bavarian Blood Marrow Donation Foundation (AKB). The donation, two-thirds of which was raised the employees and then supplemented by the company, was handed over by Managing Director Claus Blattner and members of the ASTech CSR team. Before the check ceremony, the AKB outlined its activities and talked about leukemia and stem cell donations. Afterwards, a blood typing campaign was held for all employees at our headquarters in Gaimersheim. At the same time, our Wolfsburg colleagues had the opportunity to register their blood type using a cheek swab included in the so-called “life saver kits” provided by the AKB. The campaign resulted in a total of 65 potential new bone marrow donors.

The idea for the campaign originated from our own ASTech CSR team. Various campaigns were organized over the past year, which were aimed at getting our colleagues enthused about and involved in the program. This included raffle tickets for various gifts and services donated by the employees, plus an auction for various services sponsored by management and the department heads, which were sold at the 2018 Christmas party. The employees’ generosity was such that we collected more money for the blood typing campaign than we originally hoped for. At a cost of €35, the donation will allow the AKB to cover the costs for blood typing an additional 220
people depending on how many ASTech employees register.

“ASTech is celebrating its10-year anniversary this year. As a mid-sized company active in the field of vehicle safety, we’ve been working for 10 years to take proactive steps to make tomorrow’s vehicles safer, thus preventing accidents or minimizing the consequences and saving lives as a result,” explains Claus Blattner. “The AKB is on a similar mission and is thus making an important contribution to society. Actively supporting these activities is a matter that is close to our heart. Saving lives is something that concerns all of us!”

Since its founding 25 years ago AKB has registered the blood types of more than 315,000 people between the ages of 17 and 45. More than 4,400 have given a leukemia patient a new chance at life through a stem cell or bone marrow donation. Each year, more than 13,000 people in Germany develop leukemia or similar serious blood illnesses. For many, a stem cell donation is their only hope.

For those interested in joining in the fight against leukemia, but are not willing or able to register their blood type, you can still help save lives by donating money to the AKB, which makes the registration of new stem cell donors possible in the first place. Further information is available at:

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Saving lives: With that purpose we organized at our headquarter at Gaimersheim as well as at our office at Wolfsburg a blood typing campaign and a check handover.