ASTech kicks its way to second place at the Gaimersheim Corporate Cup

On June 8, 2019, ASTech was once again focused on high-performance athletics as it participated in the 5th annual Gaimersheim Corporate Cup. Five teams participated in the soccer tournament this year, one reason why the format was changed. Instead of playing group matches leading up to a final, the teams played a round-robin format, much like a regular league in which each team play against each other. Eight ASTech employees, organized and led by our colleague Bilel, joined forces to try and recapture the cup.


The ASTech team unfortunately got off to a less-than-positive start as the first match ended up in a 2:2 tie, and the second a 1:0 loss against Bauabdichtung Gaimersheim (BAG). Our kickers nevertheless didn’t give up as they still had two matches ahead of them.

In the third match, the ASTech kickers turned the page with a decisive 3:1 victory over EFS, our sister company, putting our team back into the running for the cup. The final and decisive match ended with another victory, with ASTech defeating PSW by a score of 2:0.

A glance at the final scorecard revealed whether the team’s efforts paid off. Like last year, ASTech celebrated a second-place showing. In a final friendly match, the first and second place teams showed their stuff once more, with ASTech defeating BAG 3:0. This match nevertheless failed to change the results of our third participation in the Gaimersheim Cup.

At the end of the tournament, ASTech still managed to receive an official title: the top keeper for the tournament, chosen by all of the teams, was from the ASTech kickt  team.

Congratulations to the entire team for a superb performance!

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