ASTech joins City Ride for 6th consecutive year

Gaimersheim/Ingolstadt – Like in the past five years, ASTech of course participated in this year’s Ingolstadt City Ride. Despite corona and the corresponding piles of work from the home office (and less cycling to the office), our cycling sponsor Vivian was still able to motivate lots of colleagues to join the ASTech radelt team. A total of 32 ASTech employees heeded his call and together cycled an honest-to-goodness 5,286 kilometers. With an average of 165 kilometers per rider, we fell exactly in line with last year’s result. In 2019, every active ASTech cyclist also rode roughly 165 kilometers.

With this excellent performance, the ASTech team once again landed in the top 10 in the category of team size by placing 9th and saving a total of 777 kilograms of CO2. Adding this year’s total kilometers to the past five years’, we’re not far from having cycled once around the globe. After six years of participating in the City Ride, we’ve pedaled a total of 36,071 kilometers, an outstanding performance that we have the right to be proud of!

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Already for the 6th time in a row our ASTech employees took part in the Ingolstadt city ride.