ASTech hits the ground running in Wolfsburg

Gaimersheim/Wolfsburg – Two weeks after the Ingolstadt Corporate Run, the 5th annual Wolfsburg Corporate Run was held yesterday, June 21. On the start line were 16 ASTech colleagues, nearly half of the Wolfsburg team, which included students, the head of the Wolfsburg office and our managing director.

Although the weather was less than ideal, our colleagues didn’t let the occasionally strong winds affect their energy or spoil their good mood. Cheered on by other colleagues who showed up at the Wolfsburg Allerpark to show their support, our highly-motivated runners laced up their shoes and took on the 5.1-kilometer course.

While some of our colleagues came with lots of experience under their belts, for others it was their first race of this kind. That made the event a hot topic in the office for several weeks prior to the race, leading to joint practice runs after work from time to time.

Since the Wolfsburg Corporate run is not a timed race, the focus really was on the joint activity and having fun. Our 16 colleagues certainly enjoyed the day – happy and proud faces at the finish line say it all!

Many thanks to all of the runners and fans who helped polished the company’s active and sporty image during the 5th annual Wolfsburg Corporate Run.

To ensure that everyone has the chance to take part in this super event, we put together a Video. Happy viewing!

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Join in and have fun: A total of 16 colleagues from Wolfsburg followed our invitation and took part in the Wolfsburg Company Run 2018.