ASTech Health Information Day

Gaimersheim – On Thursday, July 25, a Health Information Day was held for all employees. The event, initiated and organized by the Human Resources department, is part of the monthly activities being held in conjunction with the company’s 10-year anniversary celebration and which provides an opportunity for employees to visit six different health information booths and receive various check-ups and advice. Apart from a gigantic self-service fruit counter, the services also included:

  • a cardio scan
  • a back-strength measurement in the “back mobile”
  • back exercises suitable for carrying out at your desk
  • body fat measurement
  • relaxation training
  • advice on the topic of “balanced nourishment“

The HR department was supported by staff from two health insurance providers and two other regional companies from the health care industry who carried out the measurements and tests, courses and consultations. This gave our ASTech instructors enough time, despite being responsible for the entire organization, to happily mix smoothies for the employees and bring them direct to their offices. That’s what we call service!

It became clear not long after the event was announced that the Health Information Day would generate a lot of interest among the staff. The appointment books filled up at the speed of light. Every individual time slot was taken while the waiting list grew longer and longer.

On the day of the event, everything went according to plan, much to the pleasure of the organization team: Anita, Anja, Eva-Maria, Christina and Stephanie. The five organizers out-smiled each other, pleased as punch that they were able to convey the topic of health to the ASTech employees through an entertaining event. The participation rate of 75 percent demonstrated the success of the event one more time in numbers. It’s now up to each employee to determine from the results of the tests which measures are best suited for them, whether it involve (more) exercise and/or eat healthy/healthier. In any case, our HR ladies provided an impetus.

A huge THANK YOU to the ASTech HR staff, as well as the numerous helpers in the background, for the organization and on-site advice. And of course a big shout-out to Managing Director Claus Blattner who approved the event and set aside the required budget!

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The ASTech Health Information Day had a lot to offer for our employees.