ASTech employee publishes paper at the 2020 IRCOBI

Gaimersheim – As part of his activities at ASTech, over the past several months our colleague Debasis reconstructed a total of 70 detailed head injuries of various origins on the basis of an existing finite element head model with the help of the visual performance solution (VPS) software. On the basis of his findings, he developed a so-called brain injury score (BIS) – in other words a prediction criterion – which he can use to predict each of the injuries with a great deal of accuracy. He then compared the predicted values with the results of established injury prognosis criteria – head injury criteria (HIC) and brain injury criteria (BrIC) for instance – and documented the deviations. To evaluate and validate the quality of the predictions, he reconstructed six additional accidents involving brain injuries and came to the conclusion that his BIS provides more precise injury prognoses. This is because the HIC and BrIC methods typically estimate the risk of injury at too high of a level.

Paper publication @IRCOBI 2020
Debasis summarized his findings in a 14-page paper, which he published through the International Research Council on Biomechanics of Injury (IRCOBI). The IRCOBI is an annual conference that brings together roughly 250 experts from around the world in the areas of biomechanics, crash mechanics, injury prevention and reconstruction, sports injuries and tissue modeling. This event is more or less a must for all human model developers such as Debasis who want to stay up to speed on current developments and trends in human models and biomechanics. Six years after completion of his doctorate, for which he has already submitted three papers during the IRCOBI, this is the first paper to be accepted as part of his activities at ASTech. Considering that the IRCOBI is highly-respected conference in the areas of biomechanics and vehicle safety, Debasis is extremely pleased and proud that he was able to publish his work at such an event. IRCOBI-published papers typically receive considerable attention, trigger a lot of discussions among experts and offer the opportunity to promote ASTech and its activities in the world of science.

Live online session on September 9
In light of the current situation, the 2020 IRCOBI cannot be held in Munich as planned and instead will be organized as a live online session on September 9. All of the conference documentation will be made available for download. That means papers such as the one published by Debasis will be accessible to the public and the latest findings will have an international audience.

Enhanced head model = new starting point for future papers
Several months have passed since Debasis submitted his application for the 2020 IRCOBI paper, giving him time to analyze the topic even further. One result was that he improved the finite element head model to enhance it with more biofidelity.
Debasis is meanwhile using this approach to be able to predict other injuries by means of simulation and thus create the foundation for new and better safeguard systems. This will certainly offer material for new IRCOBI papers down the road. When that time comes, look for further reports from our side.

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Methodology for accident reconstruction. Reconstruction was performed for 70 accident cases to develop the criteria and 6 cases to validate the BIS.