ASTech donates to Familien in Not

Gaimersheim/Ingolstadt – Today ASTech donated €1,000 to Familien in Not, an Ingolstadt-based non-profit organization that provides support and assistance to families in difficult situations. The symbolic check was handed over by Managing Director Claus Blattner and two members of the ASTech corporate social responsibility (CSR) team. Prior to receiving the check, Angelika Stadler, chairperson of Familien in Not, and Jennifer Seefelder introduced the organization and the extent of its activities.

After becoming very active in the CSR area internally, for 2018 we established the goal of also intensifying our social engagement on an external basis. This includes financially supporting the important work carried out by non-profit organizations.

For this reason, and with the goal of consolidating all of our CSR activities, we created an internal CSR team early this year. This team is tasked with developing ideas and organizing campaigns such as the check for Familien in Not. The idea to support Familien in Not resulted from a call that was put to out to the employees to suggest donation recipients. After thoroughly reviewing all of the recommendations, the CSR team selected the top three candidates and asked the employees to vote. Familien in Not was then chosen by a majority of the ASTech employees, with both the local aspect and the organization’s focus playing a decisive role in the selection.

As a mid-sized company active in the area of vehicle safety, we wanted our donation to go to a small, local organization. Familien in Not assists families who are facing difficulties and need help because of a serious accident, an unexpected death or other emergency situation. The organization is thus a good fit for ASTech since it is relatively small and was founded in 2009 like ASTech. We see further parallels given that our activities are aimed at making the vehicles of tomorrow safer today in an effort to reduce accidents or diminish the consequences, while Familien in Not becomes involved if something has already happened, which of course requires financial resources. This is exactly where our donation is intended to help. After all, any one of us can be in a position where we need assistance.

Such donation campaigns, which are part of ASTech‘s corporate social activities, will continue over the next several weeks and months with additional activities.

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Communal check presentation: Claus Blattner, Managing Director of ASTech, with Jennifer Seefelder and Angelika Stadler (both from Familien in Not e.V.) and Stefanie Leitner and Pia Oefner (both ASTech employees)