ASTech celebrates – #Sommerfest2018 [INCL. VIDEO]

Gaimersheim – Summer, sunshine, summer festival! On Friday, July 27, 2018, all ASTech employees were invited to the annual summer festival. Thanks to the spacious new headquarters building, this year’s festival was held directly on the campus in a tent set up on the top of the parking garage.

As in the past, the festival was organized with a theme and a corresponding program. This year’s theme – #ich #du #wir (#me #you #we) – was also chosen as a way to focus on the new location. In the afternoon, festival-goers were invited to explore the new building and to get to know one another. In the early evening we then joined forces to puzzle the (ASTech) world together. In less than one hour, a 500-piece puzzle measuring 1.8 X 1.35 meters had been assembled, after which everyone had the chance to stick a pin in the world map to show where they are from. Many used this opportunity to strike up new conversations to find out who came from places such as Iceland, Mexico or Pakistan.

As the temperatures slowly cooled off in the later hours, many were not quite ready to head home. As result, the benches were carried out of the tent and a bonfire was built. The party-goers sat around the fire until late in the evening, shooting the breeze and providing a relaxing end to the summer festival.

As always, we prepared a short video. For those interested in what the ASTech summer festival is like or if you would simply like to relive some of the moments, then watch the ASTech-Sommerfest-2018-VIDEO. Have fun!

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Joint puzzle fun at this year's ASTech summer party, which had the motto #ich #du #wir (#me #you #we). As always, we also made a video of this annual event.