ASTech achieves top rating in vendor analysis

Gaimersheim – ASTech was subject to a software potential analysis by Audi over the past several weeks. The analysis, which is based on an automotive SPICE assessment, recently became part of Audi’s procurement process. This was the first time that ASTech underwent a potential analysis, and the result was outstanding: with Category B, ASTech achieved the best assessment.


Assessing suppliers by means of a potential analysis was introduced by Audi quality management as part of an effort to improve quality. For ASTech, achieving a high test category is thus a decisive factor when it comes to being awarded projects. The result is especially important for ASTech projects in the Premium Platform Electronic (PPE) and Local Danger Information (LDI) areas. ASTech’s PreSenseSC2 project was audited as part of the analysis for example. While there is general room for improvement, ASTech scored above-average compared to other vendors.

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