4th annual Ingolstadt Corporate Run: ASTech takes part again!

Gaimersheim – After being postponed from late spring to early fall due to the corona pandemic, the 4th annual Ingolstadt Corporate Run was held on Thursday, September 24 amid warm, late summer temperatures. Instead of a large, joint run like in the past, this year’s event was a bit smaller – and virtual, with a cool smartphone app and a voice urging the runners on that could be heard through the earbuds. ASTech took part once again, as in the past three years. After all, there was no way our runners could not let this fun opportunity pass by.

Alone or together? Main thing is to participate!
As the virutal starter’s signal went off at precisely 6:00 pm, the runners had already laced up their shoes. After an easy warm-up, they took off on a route of their choosing. While some preferred to run alone, other ASTech employees could not resist the chance to run the 5.5 kilometers together, but still observing the required social distancing. Whether someone was participating for the first or fourth time in the Ingolstadt Corporate Run, the one and only thing that mattered was the joy of running, as well as the #WirSindASTech and  #WirZusammen feeling.

5th place
Thanks to 21 ASTech employees who signed up, we were able to secure 5th place among the strongest teams, right behind the team the municipality of Großmehring. In light of the current circumstances, this was a strong performance that we can be proud of!
By churning out an incredible pace, ASTech employee Felix even finished in the top 10, reachng 8th place among the men with a time of 22:38. Our colleagues Conny and Saskia ran a “semi” head-to-head race (physically separate), with Conny maintaining a slight edge with a time of 26:46 and Saskia close behind at 27:03. With that, the two ended up in 3rd and 4th place overall among the women. Hats off!

Our thanks go out to everyone who participated in the 4th annual Ingolstadt Run, whether they lined up at the start in  Leipzig, Wolfsburg, Regenburg or Ingolstadt. We hope all of you had a great time und look forward to seeing you hopefully at the next joint Corporate Run!

#WirSindASTech #WirZusammen #IngolstadtLäuft #FirmenlaufIngolstadt

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4th annual Ingolstadt Corporate Run: ASTech takes part again!