~150 handmade protective masks for a good cause

Gaimersheim – Our colleague Stefanie is a good example of how you can make something positive out of a difficult situation. Driven by a desire to help and do something charitable, Stefanie and her husband Sebastian used the corona lockdown period to sit down at the sewing machine and make protective masks. Within four weeks they had produced 150 masks with their own loving hands. While 25 went to friends, acquaintances and relatives, they donated most of the masks – 125 in total – to Pumpis für Herzis, a non-profit initiative brought to the couple’s attention by a close friend.

Secret to success: teamwork and personal commitment
In order to produce such quantities of individual, colorful masks, the power couple had to divide up the work. Sebastian was responsible for cutting the material while Stefanie took over the sewing. To produce 150 masks, together they put in around 40 hours of work and used roughly 50 meters of material. They paid for this material, plus the lining material and rubber bands that were required, out of their own pocket. In cases where the couple was still unable to keep friends/acquaintances/relatives from reimbursing them for the protective masks, they reinvested the money in new materials and fired up the sewing machine again – tireless and fully committed to their cause.

We certainly think this is a great campaign. Many thanks to Stefanie and Sebastian for their dedication. Keep up the good work! #CSR #CorporateSocialResponsibility #WeTogether

Pumpis für Herzis
Pumpis für Herzis is an initiative created in 2016 by parents of children born with heart defects. The aim is to bring more color – and thus more cheer – to the dull and gray day-to-day hospital activities of the affected families. To do that the parents sew a variety of baby clothing and accessories out of colorful materials including bloomers, beanies, neckerchiefs, shoes, undershirts, bodysuits, sleeping bags, scented cloths, bibs and small patchwork quilts for the neonatal intensive care stations at the large clinics and heart centers where infants with heart defects are treated. Apart from sewing they also collect donated materials. The participating clinics always have a “stationary” box from which the items are distributed on a regular basis. Replenishments, which are always needed, are thus highly welcome.

For those who would like more information about this great initiative or if you want to get involved by donating materials or sewing articles, click here.

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Our colleague Stefanie and her husband Sebastian produced about 150 protective masks by hand for a good cause.