The safety and sensor division of ASTech is the innovative think tank for integrated safety and driver assistance systems – both in pre development and series development. This is where the concepts are developed for many safety-relevant functions for the anticipatory avoidance of accidents, as well as requirement profiles for sensor and electronic architectures with a view to future vehicle generations.

We develop concepts in the field of automotive safety that serve as both accident prevention (e.g. pre-crash systems) and occupant protection during a crash (e.g. airbag or seat belt systems). We define and test sensor systems for feasibility and then ensure that they achieve 100 percent durability and reliability before they are ready for series production.

Ideas and concepts that save lives: As one of the most important innovation partners and lead developers for the VW Group in the field of automotive safety, we work at the highest technical and procedural quality level. We develop in accordance with Automotive SPICE and DIN ISO 26262 and always practice a very closely interlinked working method, with strongly networked communication within our four skill sets.

From customer functions and system requirements to software development, virtual simulation and functional validation: Holistic occupant protection requires a holistic, cross-departmental process orientation.   

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Using concrete scenarios, we develop ideas and approaches for new driving safety functions.

To ensure the durability of driving safety functions, our colleagues check the object recognition of the sensors. To further improve detection, we also use the latest methods from machine learning.

For sensor validation, our employees use specially developed software that evaluates the various sensors together.