Shared values form the basis for shared success. Only those who live values in a team are able to implement visions and achieve goals together – and thus establish long-term stability, growth and progress in the company. Our values rests on three pillars:

Appreciation/Respect/Tolerance, Trust/Reliability and a keen sense of Responsibility towards our area of activity and the development of our technical systems, which are designed with the goal of making vehicles (even) better. In this way we seek to make the lives of road users safer.

Our employees are our greatest capital. They are the origin of every innovation, the guarantor for the high quality of our products and the cornerstone of our success. As an employer, we pursue a clear leadership model, in which we as company management strive above all to act as a role model for every one of our employees.

We create future prospects for our teams, our departments and our company by clearly defining the corporate strategy and communicating the associated goals and expectations in a timely manner. The focus is on cooperation as a strategic partner involved in innovative and sustainable projects.

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Reliability/Trust: As a team in which everyone has their own fixed tasks, we work on our own responsibility for the group at large. The basis for this is a strong sense of togetherness.

Responsibility: With professional and social competencies, we develop products of the highest quality. Sustainability determines our actions.

Appreciation/Respect/Tolerance: Openness, honesty and fairness are our maxims for dealing with each other. We consider diversity to be enrichment.

Our ASTech leadership model is based on our corporate values of Reliability/Trust, Responsibility and Appreciation/Respect/Tolerance.